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For this project I wanted to explore and present data I received through a survey I gave out. The survey consisted of 5 questions and I used Facebook to get the word out. Most of the subjects were Texas State Students. I got 142 responses. With this data I saw a few trends between the exercise people participate in and the music that is listened to. Here are my findings.

Exercise is any activity that has more intensity than your regular activities. A light jog at night, an hour of weight lifting a bike ride or a morning run are all great examples of healthy exercise.

I tried to get an even distribution of gender. But with Facebook, I believe that women usually check it more often than men.

In my survey I asked how often people worked out. It shows that, out of the ones I surveyed, people workout 1-3 times a week.

According to Weight Loss Resources, a healthy amount of exercise is 3-4 times a week for an average person. When going to work out, you should have at least 30 minutes at 70% of your maximum heart rate (MHR).

Acceptable exercise differs between every person. Some people require less work to raise their heart rate and some more. When starting to exercise, you should do something you like so that you will stick with it. Exercise also releases endorphins, which make you happy and gives you a little confidence boost. Doing some yoga before bed or going on a run can help you blow off some steam from your stressful day. Exercising is also proven to help you get better quality sleep.

This graph shows the number of people that listen to each genre of music while working out. My survey allowed people to choose more than one genre. So this truly shows what people enjoy listening to at the gym. Click the drop box to see the other forms of exercise.

According to The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, Neuroscientist have found that listening to music stimulates dopamine, which is the hormone that makes you happy. It's also shown to reduce stress, pain and anxiety.

Here I made a word cloud to illistrate the most popular words associated with workout music, according to

The next step I took was to look into what type of music was listened to when lifting weights, doing cardio and Other activities. Look through the 3 graphs to see the types of music that were listened to.

They have also found that music helps people workout. They studied oxygen intake while listening to music. When listening to upbeat music, people tend to workout harder and faster than when listening to music with a slower tempo. This study supports my findings in the graph above. People like listening to rap, pop and electronic music because the tempo promotes higher oxygen intake. Which in turn, increases your heart rate and makes for a great workout!

Hover over the plus signs to read more about how music effects the parts of the brain

Auditory Cortex-
Responsible for perceptions and analysis of tones.

Stimulated by movement such as dancing and eotional reaction to music.

Nucleus Accumbens-
Causes emotional reaction to music.

Causes emotional reaction to music.

Sensory Cortex-
Gets tactile feedback from playing an instrument and dancing.

Sensory Cortex-
Responsible for memory of music and connecting experiences and context.

Source: Buffer Social

Exercise is fun and beneficial to you. So find yourself a good playlist and make time in your day to hit the gym. Happy exercising!